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Active members

Members with an activity directly related to the noma, and that have a recognized structure and well-managed organization. They enjoy all the rights and obligations of members.

Antenna Foundation

Research & distribution of technologies for : nutrition, water, healthcare, energy & agriculture Read more

Association d’Entraide des Mutilés du Visage

Surgical reconstruction, patient transfers, training and research Read more

Au Fil de la Vie

Raising awareness, prevention, training, and primary care in Mali Read more

Avec Mali – Jura

Partner of the association Avec Mali -Mopti Read more

Aviation Sans Frontières

Transport of children needing emergency treatment, delivery of essential products, conveyance of refugees Read more


Education (primary school), nutrition (spirulina farms), healthcare (operating theatre), microcredit in Burkina Faso Read more

Ensemble Pour Eux

Funding of pre- et post-operative care and education and entertainment during surgical missions Read more

Enfants du Noma

Surgical operations Read more

Facing Africa

Surgical operations  Read more

Gegen Noma

Raising public awareness in Europe and prevention in Africa Read more


Etiological research and epidemiological monitoring Read more


Implantology and tissue protheses for surgical reconstruction Read more

Hilfsaktion Noma

Prevention, raising awareness, training and medical care in Niger and Guinea Bissau Read more

Hymne aux enfants

Prevention, detection, treatment, combatting malnutrition, transfers Read more


Microcredit, training, prevention, healthwork, access to water in Mali and the Philippines Read more

Label Vert

Raising awareness, sustainable development in Burkina Faso Read more

Maison de Fati

Health Centre, Reception Centre  Read more

Mama project

Training, raising awareness and nutrition   Read more

Noma Hilfe Schweiz

Financing and prevention  Read more

Non au noma en RDC

Prevention and surgical interventions in RD of Congo Read more

Persis Burkina

Paediatric Medico-Surgical Centre Persis (CMCPP) in Burkina Faso Read more

Persis Valais

Partner of the association  Persis Burkina Read more

Peter Ustinov Foundation

Basic rights of children  Read more


Physiotherapy, pre- and post-operative reeducation, training Read more

Project Harar

Surgical missions preventative dental hygiene in Ethiopia Read more


Research, case identification, first aid and support for victims Read more

Vaincre Noma

Financing and prevention in northern Burkina Faso Read more

Voix du Paysan

Public radio in Burkina Faso Read more

Winds of Hope

Prevention, bringing agencies together and advocacy  Read more

Associate members

Local organisations that also conduct activities directly related to the disease noma and which work effectively in the field with active members. They have a more basic structure and organization, only a consultative vote at the assemblies, and they pay a more symbolic rate of subscription

Centre Nopoko

Open-air orphanage, nutrition and primary healthcare Read more


Prevention, micro-crédit for women  Read more

Partner members

International organizations with activities related to noma. Consultative vote at round tables and general assemblies.

La Chaîne de l’espoir

Health, Education Read more

Mercy Ships

Hospital Ships Read more