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Peter Ustinov Stiftung

Children are the only form of immortality that we can be sure of... Peter Ustinov

General information

Peter Ustinov Foundation

Charity for children, based in Germany,  founded by Sir Peter Ustinov and his son Igor in 1999.


Peter Ustinov Foundation
Friedberger Anlage 27
60316 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Phone: +49 (0)69 – 27 22 17 40

Contact persons

Marie Korbel
Andreas Wenzel


Support of prevention, early detection and treatment programs of noma in Africa
Combatting human trafficking and prostitution
Educational programs
Theater and Opera schools

Mission and Vision


The Peter Ustinov Foundation is a charity for children founded by Sir Peter Ustinov and his son Igor Ustinov in 1999. Sir Peter Ustinov was an UNICEF ambassador for more than 30 years. In the last 15 years the Foundation has initiated and supported more than 50 aid projects worldwide. The Foundation is based in Frankfurt, Germany.

In keeping with the spirit of Sir Peter and the values of the Ustinov family, the work focuses on granting children – irrespective of their cultural, social, religious or financial background – a chance of an independent and optimistic future primarily by granting access to education. There are three key aspects of our work:

  • Giving children a safe place to live, medical treatment or attend school or vocational training working with partners in the field.
  • Supporting educational programs that teach tolerance, mutual respect and openness.
  • Enabling especially disadvantaged children to train and perform in the “Ustinovian” areas of film, theatre and opera encouraging their creativity and fostering social skills and personal development.



The support of prevention, early detection and treatment programs in Africa was one of the first projects of the foundation and has been proceeded continuously.

Datum - Kinderzirkus Upsala - 546-10-01

Street kids

Upsala Circus in St. Petersburg for street kids to have the opportunity to train as circus artists.


Human trafficking

Combatting human trafficking and prostitution in India with the Rescue Foundation.


Breaking the cycle of prostitution by poverty for girls in Mombasa, Kenia with the SOLGIDI education programme.


Model school for inclusive education in Sucre, Bolivia.

2007 05 19-24 - Solgidi Bildungsprogramm - SOLWODI - 141-09-03

Educational programs

Peter Ustinov schools in Germany where the curriculum reinforces an “Open Mind” (creating an awareness for prejudices) and creativity.

Sir Peter Ustinov Theatre School 373*280

Theatre & Opera Schools

Develop the special acting affinity and talent of young people (12-18 yrs), especially those who otherwise could not afford lessons or professional training. Giving talented young voices a chance to receive professional coaching.